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The Mission and Purpose of Open Door Ministries

Barna Research says that women are the backbone of the Christian congregation. Women have influenced the culture of the church. Women comprise roughly 73 percent of adults in the average church pew (Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary) on any given Sunday. As the number and influence of women grows, the role of teaching our younger women in the local church becomes more critical.

Endorsed by Ladies Ministries of the United Pentecostal Church International, Open Door is a ministry that stands ready to help young women married and single, ages 18 -30 become more effective in the ministries of their calling. As we encourage, affirm, and equip them, they will fulfill their purpose to make a difference in their sphere of influence.

What Is the Target Group for Open Door?
Young women 18–30, single and married, who are seeking to find themselves, their ministry, or have found their ministry, but need affirmation and direction.

What Is the Mission of Open Door?
Open Door Ministries helps young women find their place in the body of Christ by empowering, equipping, and encouraging them for excellence in their God-given calling.

What Is the Purpose of Open Door?
Young women ages 18-30 across the United Pentecostal Church fellowship are like diamonds in the rough. When cut, polished, and cared for, their luster and brilliance will show through; and they will shine as the precious gems that God intends them to be. Open Door wants to help redefine the call for ministry by helping young women to realize there is a place for women in ministry. We can do this by helping them to understand, to live, and to demonstrate the five purposes of the New Testament Church in today’s world by:

  • Uniting through FELLOWSHIP.
  • Developing through DISCIPLESHIP (mentoring).
  • Becoming stronger through WORSHIP (prayer).
  • Nurturing their gifts through MINISTRY.
  • Expanding themselves and their ministry through EVANGELISM.

“Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory!” (I Chronicles 4:10, NIV).

What Are the Goals of Open Door?

  • To have Open Door conferences across our fellowship.
  • For women beyond Open Door age to mentor the younger women in ministry.
  • For each district ladies conference to schedule at least one session targeting the Open Door age group.
  • For each of the UPCI Bible colleges to host an Open Door Conference.
  • For local churches to have their own Open Door group or at least Open Door activities or mentoring groups.


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