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More to Life: 2002, General Superintendant, Kenneth Haney commissioned Gwyn Oakes to form a committee to produce a Bible study, “by women for women.” The initial committee was made up of six women from across the nation. Mary Loudermilk was chosen as director. A Tips for Teaching booklet and three study books were written. The original commission was titled Women of The Word. Because the acronym was the same as Women of Worth once the commission was finished the official name became More to Life. Several books have been published by this committee and as the need arises we continue to produce literature relevant to the needs of apostolic women. Various writers are chosen as needed for ongoing projects.

More to Life...

Offering every woman purpose through Godís Word

Do you desire to bring others to a greater knowledge of God and His plan of salvation?

Do you desire to grow in your own walk with God?

If you answered yes to these questions, then More to Life can help you accomplish these goals.

Everyone can find More to Life when the Word of God becomes an integral part of their daily lives. With this purpose in mind, Ladies Ministries has developed a number of resources to:

  • Equip women with the tools needed to teach others about the Lord.

  • Help women learn more of God’s Word and His plan for salvation.

  • Provide tools for Christian growth.

MTL_Bible Studies

More to Life Bible Study Series

This series of studies is a proven, effective tool for reaching friends, family, co-workers and others with a greater understanding of God’s plan of salvation.

All three books are available in English and Spanish. Book 1 is also available in French.

Lessons are interactive and easy to use.

Adaptable for use one-on-one or in a small group setting.

This Is Life

This Is Life. . . And I Need Answers
This Is Life . . . And I Need More Answers

These two books are written in a heart-to-heart style by ordinary women who have triumphed over some of life’s toughest situations.

The biblical answers provided by these Spirit-filled women will offer you hope and encouragement as you, or someone close to you, face similar struggles.

Thirty-eight chapters cover such topics as discouragement, depression, divorce, abandonment, abortion recovery, stress, forgiveness, and much more. You will want both books.


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  • Devotional thoughts to start your day in the Word
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  • Downloadable brochures on personal spiritual growth
  • Free downloadable Bible studies

Check back frequently for new articles and Bible study topics.

Alive In Him

Alive in Him Bible Study

A guide to the basics of Christian life. It will teach you how to be filled with the Spirit; how to pray; how to study your Bible; and how to obtain the promises of God. Use it for your personal devotions. Study it with a friend. Pair it with the ever-popular PPH Award Bible as a gift for new converts. Paper, perfect-bound making it ideal for prison ministry.

The Girl in the Dress

The Girl in the Dress

How exciting! Finally, a book written just for girls'a book about the importance and beauty of holiness. The Girl in the Dress helps us to realize why it is important to take a stand in today's world on modesty and purity. The authors take an excellent approach concerning the way the Bible teaches us to walk, talk, and dress.

Free Downloadable Bible Studies

Have you ever
longed for ...

More Bible study resources for yourself, your friend, your small group?

Now More to Life offers another tool for discipleship and personal study

Bible Study
  • Single topic studies in PDF format
  • Print copies as needed
  • New lessons added frequently

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